A Window to Islam -نافذة على الإسلام-English – إنجليزي

A Window to Islam

– نافذة على الإسلام –

.A brief description of basic Islamic beliefs and practices for non-Muslims with color photos. Suitable for distribution by daʽwah organizations and others

There are few people on earth today who have not heard
something about Islam. Yet, one is often surprised to learn that it is
really quite different from his initial impression. For Islam is not as it
is represented in the Western media, nor is it Arab culture, nor is it a
religion in the sense of mere private conviction (or more often,
speculation) concerning the state of existence
A Window to Islam
Compiled by Saheeh International
First published by DAR ABUL-QASIM, 1995
-English – إنجليزي

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