Quran-The Linguistic Miracle – معجزة القرآن الكريم -English – إنجليزي

Quran The Linguistic Miracle

– معجزة القرآن الكريم


In the first section of this Book, there is introduction of Classical Arabic (a more in-depth version of the language in comparison to the Modern Fus-ha Standard, Spoken Arabic aka MSA). I will explain the literary tools of Classical Arabic, with examples, and later near the end of this section, I will share a few gems of Classical Arabic language, to give you a feel of how the Classical Arabs expressed themselves through Poetry, and what powerful literary tools they used to convey their message to an equally praiseworthy literary audience. The second section will focus on discussing the subtleties of the Qur’anic text and its beauties, and will further give tips for students of Qur’anic and Arabic language to have the ability themselves to extract beautiful gems from the Qur’an.
Quran The Linguistic Miracle

-English – إنجليزي

Number of Pages: 150

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