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– تعدد الزوجات في الأسلام

المؤلف : بلال فيلبس  و جميلة جونز

POLYGAMYISLAM m. Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. Dr. Jamila Jones … has been changed from “Plural Marriage in Islam” to “Polygamy in Islam” base

Men created polygamous because of a need in human society. There is normally a surplus of women in most human societies.1 The surplus is a result of men dying in wars, violent crimes and women outliving men.2 The upsurge in homosexuality further increases the problem. If systems do not cater to the need of surplus women it will result in corruption in society. Example, Germany after World War II, when suggestions to legalize polygamy were rejected by the Church. Resulting in the legalization of prostitution. German prostitutes are considered as workers like any other profession. They receive health benefits and pay taxes like any other citizen. Furthermore, the rate of marriage has been steadily declining as each succeeding generation finds the institution of marriage more and more irrelevant.
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